Stainless Steel Compensators

Compensators in Underground and Overground Piping Systems


Underground and Overground Piping Systems

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AGK-Compensators: All-Joint-Ball-Compensators
AGK-Compensators: Application & Movement

AGK-Compensators Single-sided

AGK-Compensators Two-sided

ANAX-Compensators: Angular-Axial-Compensator
ANAX-Compensators: Application & Movement


STABILAX-Compensators: Pressure-free Axial-Compensator



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RATTAY Metallschlauch- und Kompensatorentechnik GmbH

We supply the perfect connection

Using individual production processes, we produce compensators in various dimensions and designs for all industrial sectors, worldwide. Comprehensive advice, absolute adherence to delivery dates  and a full range of services are all part of our principles.

Our competence is your strength

We do not shy away from challenges and further developments. It is our goal to develop solutions for every problem - be it in the chemicals or petrochemicals industry, gas industry, power station construction, steel industry or energy supply sectors. In fact, we are active wherever stainless steel metal hoses and compensators are required.

This also includes e.g. extraction of gases and liquids, elastic connection or insulation of pipes and any issues relating to the absorption of vibrations or the balancing out of tension, be it one-layered, multilayered or all versions of the connection and joint cards.  

By virtue of our company's own production facilities and the individual production processes, we are able to manufacture any technically feasible compensator within a very short time. Our technical specialists implement all of your special requests.

We are always willing to listen to your wishes, questions and ideas.

Quality prevails

As a global partner to leading companies, it is our duty to manufacture products that meet the very strictest of standards in terms of safety and quality.

Our products, which are certified to DIN ISO, are produced based on our own years of experience and are continuously improved in line with the latest technical developments. This is the only way to ensure that the various requirement profiles and the ever-changing market requirements can be satisfied or accommodated.

Rattay Edelstahl Kompensatoren - Überwachung und Kontrolle

Monitoring and control

The production process is continuously monitored by our specially trained employees through a stringent and careful quality control system.

Rattay Stainless steel compensators - Monitoring and control