The company

In the more than 30 years in which RATTAY has operated, tradition and family values such as loyalty and reliability have always played a significant role.

Founded in 1978 with just two employees and a lot of commitment , the ambitious family company developed from a extended workbench for the steel industry into a leading supplier and partner for metal hoses and compensators for various industries within just a few years. With a steadily growing team of employees, we now export our products worldwide.

We also have our own compensator technology patents.

Our company sites also expanded, so that we now have subsidiaries in Austria, Denmark, Hungary and the Czech Republic, as well as sales offices and agents overseas.

Rattay - Location in Austria

Rattay - Standort Österreich

Since 2009 the company RATTAY Metallschlauch- und Kompensatorstechnik GmbH has been represented by a subsidiary in Austria. This Austrian office in Himberg is our solar competence centre and a leader in solar technology.

Rattay - Location in Denmark

Rattay - Standort Dänemark

In 2009 the Danish company ShapeTech joined the RATTAY Group. This company specialises in the production of compensators made of various stainless steels to customer specifications in the nominal widths DN 40 to DN 5000.

Rattay - Location in the Czech Republic

Rattay - Standort Tschechien

Our Czech subsidiary has operated in the Czech market for approximately 15 years and specialises in the production and manufacture of corrugated hoses with larger nominal widths.

Rattay - Location in Hungary

Rattay - Standort Ungarn

The focus in our Hungarian production facility lies on researching, developing, manufacturing and testing in the solar thermal energy field.

Rattay - Location in England

Rattay - Standort Ungarn

On March 31th 2015 the Artifex Company was acquired by RATTAY Group.

Since August 1st 2019 Arcflex / Arctrend Ltd. and Artifex flexible Tubes Ltd. are producing in a new location.

3 Tower Road
Meaford Business Park
ST 15 0WQ

Rattay - Location in France

Rattay - Standort Ungarn

Since May 1st 2017, Lyon-based SFZ S.A.S. belongs to the RATTAY Group. With the SFZ we now have a qualified specialist for compensators, which are used on LNG tankers, in petrochemical industry and the power generation sector. Along with the European markets supplied by our locations in Germany, Denmark, England, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria, this acquisition now makes us significantly better represented not only in France, but especially in North Africa and Asia.